February 01, 2017

It's so easy to be alone.

It's so easy to be alone. There's no risk of anyone hurting you. There's no one you've surrendered your heart to. There's no one you trust with your vulnerability. There's no one to touch your fears, no one to awaken your weaknesses. There's no one you took a chance with and finally let in.
Alone, you have control. Alone, you'll know what happens. Alone, you'll be sure they won't hurt you. Alone, you won't need to practise trust. Alone, you'll remain within comfort. Alone, there's no fear of not knowing the outcome. How you will be treated, what they'll do, what they'll think, what they'll feel, what'll happen when you're not there.
For some things we don't want to lose. Some things we want to keep forever. And when they are one of those things, they are, and will be, the ones touching all of our fears, awakening all of our weaknesses, challenging all of our need to feel back in control. To run inside and to lock the door forever.
This is why I once chose to be alone.