April 19, 2018

Why we hurt so much.

We can do yoga, we can meditate, we can surround ourselves with crystals, religion and matcha lattes - but we cannot find true peace, true happiness, true balance, true freedom or true health - without realising the importance of our past - and doing the work of releasing it.

We are a product of our hurts. And for as long as we are that, so will our children be. This hurt has been passed down from generation to generation. We are a product of our ancestors' view of "normal". We carry their patterns, their views, their ways. Their behaviour, their traditions, thoughts and feelings. And we do this all without realising it. Without questioning it. It's all in our subconscious and it dictates and steers every single decision we make in life. How we think and feel about ourselves, how we think and feel about others. How we treat ourselves, how we treat others. And if we do not question this, if we do not dare question our ancestors, ourselves, our choices, our ways, our feelings - all that has been given to us - we will keep raising new generations in the same old way.

And this way that is not working anymore. It's not working for humanity, it's not working for the individual. It's definitely not working for this planet, nor the ones we share this planet with.

Until we, as a generation, realise this: that this world will never change, unless we change ourselves, until we question everything about ourselves - we will leave this world a lesser place than the one we arrived to.

Love love love,