September 27, 2018

What happens when she farts?

We have to be that one thing.
That one sort of woman.
That seductive but innocent, shy but funny, stay-at-home but out-going, naturally smooth, gorgeous and careless, supportive but independent, and definitely not too emotional female.

But what happens when a woman stops being all of that.
When she's lying on the couch, dirty and smelly, in knee pouched sweatpants.
What happens when she farts and laughs about it. And that fart actually smells.
What happens when she yells at you because once again you've hurt her so deeply by not being there emotionally for her.
What happens when she makes funny faces, like actually ugly funny faces. (What happens when she's funnier than you?)
What happens when she's got hair in places she "didn't" when you met.
When she doesn't feel like being the sexy seductress that you thought she'd never stop being.

What happens when she cries a lot.
Or when she's sad a lot.
Or when she's lost in her life.
In herself.
In what matters.
What happens when she starts expecting things from you.
What happens when she's not all you thought she would be, but more.
More of that heavy stuff.
More of that ugly.
That sad.
That confused.
That emotional.
That demanding.

You think she's not who you thought she was. You think you don't know WHO she is.
Neither does she.
She thinks all of this is shameful. That all of this is wrong. That all of this are things she is not supposed to be.
But the truth is, she IS all of that. She is every single bit of what you see. ALL of what you see IS what makes her Her.


But we don't know that; you don't know that, and she doesn't know that. Because we are all taught that THAT is not what a woman is supposed to be.