November 23, 2018

How it came to be.

Let go. Let go of your mind. Let go of your thoughts. Your analysing. Your rationality. Your odds. 
Let. Go. 

It is THIS moment that counts. This moment is everything you have. Everything you need. 
Believe. In THIS moment.
Trust. In THIS moment. 

No one is any more special than you. Nor less. No one has the odds stacked in their favour any different than you. 

It’s magic. 

It’s magic for everyone. 

When it comes to magic we are all equal. 

Let magic come from anywhere. 

Let it happen. 

Let go. 

And let it happen. 

It will come to be. 

When you let it happen. 

Don’t compare your magic to anyone else’s. Don’t let your mind do that: rationalise or explain how it could have happened for them but not for you. 

Why their magic was easier. More achievable. 

Magic is ALWAYS magic. No matter where it comes from. No matter in what shape it takes form. 

Remember this moment.

In this moment it is still magic. You are believing in magic. Trusting in magic. 

What happens after that - is magic. No matter where it comes from. 
Remember that. 
Don’t let your mind take control. 

Don’t compare yourself. Remember that.

Do not compare. 

All magic comes to be in the same way. Believing. In that moment - believing. Trusting. Allowing. Surrendering to it happening. 

Know it to be true.
And move on.

Don’t cling to your dream.
Move on.
Let life flow.
Don’t cling.

You only need one moment of knowing. Then move on. Love what you do. Love where you are. And move on. 

It will come to happen. 

Allow for it to happen. 

Don’t let your mind tell you why it cannot happen. 

And don’t compare. 

Any way it was or is possible for another - means it’s possible for you. Always.

Let other’s magic be proof of magic. But don’t compare. Don’t explain. Don’t rationalise. Don’t minimise. 

Let everything be magic. 

Let EVERYTHING be magic. 

That’s how magic comes to be.