September 13, 2017

I'll help you, if...

Why you'll never see a sponsored post on my feed: 

Do you guys know why I want to make it? Why I want to be bigger than average. Why I want to brake down all the walls of my box? What my biggest motivation is? It's actually one thing: I want to make it, so that I can help. So that I can share, care, support and heal. So that I can prove to myself and to others that anything and everything is possible in this life and in this world. Because without feeling that, that I am here to do good, I simply cannot understand my reason for being here. I want to help heal the world. I want to help people on their journey. I want to have an impact. I want my life to matter. I want to do good. And I want to do a lot of it. Why? Because it's the right thing to do. To support each other. To care. To lift each other up. To help. And I'm not talking about the You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours-kind of help. I'm talking about helping without expecting something for oneself in return. Helping, because one can. Because one has the opportunity to do so. Not disguising it as "help" when what it actually is, is the one with more power using it to gain something for themselves. 

That's why you will never see gifts, sponsored or collaborated posts here. If and when I share something, it is and always will be, because I actually like it. Because it's something I actually believe in. Because it's something I actually want to support, not take advantage of. And if I actually like it, if I actually believe in it, isn't that all the more reason for me to want to support it by, let's say, paying full price? By, let's say, sharing without expecting anything in return? By helping?

I'll never help you, if... I'll help you - because I can.

Love love love,