May 22, 2018

I 💗 my ex.

Your ex's are are your best teachers. But not your best teachers about how men/women "are", or "can be". But about you; how you are. How you can be.
There's actually no point in moving on, or in trying to move on, until you've realised this. For no one will ever be different - until you realise this. Because until you realise this, you will remain the same. You will be the same. And as long as you are the same, it is impossible for you to see anything or anyone else but the ones who are the same. The ones who are the same as your ex.

Think about it.

Love love love,


May 17, 2018

Poor me.

If only we understood, that things are exactly how we perceive them to be. Nothing more, and nothing less. That they will always be only and exactly that: what we perceive them to be. That it in fact is impossible for something to be other than that, which we perceive it to be. (Think about it; your mind, your perception, is the one who determines what something is!)

A price of an item for example: For one it is too expensive, for another just the right price - might even be too cheap! Which one is the right price then? Yours? Why not theirs? You say Yes, for me it is too expensive, but for them maybe not, because they have more money than I. But: They might actually have the exact same amount of money in their bank account, as many children, the same mortgage - everything - and still see the value of the price differently than you.

Or a situation: For one, it is life - once again - being so difficult/unfair. Like Why do these things just keep happening to me?!? For the other, these things don't actually even happen. Why? Well, because life, happenings, situations, can never be other than that, which you perceive it to be(You might feel like arguing this, but this is the truth.) So, if I don't see life/happenings/situations as things happening to poor little helpless me - then that is exactly how my life is going to be. But: if life always seems to happen to me, then that is my perception, and therefore life simply cannot be anything else but that.

Your life will never be other than that, which you focus upon; than that of your perception. Things will always be too expensive - no matter how much or little money you have - because you'll always choose to perceive them as such. Things will always keep happening to you, if that's how you perceive them to be; things happening to you. 

All - and I mean aaall - of the responsibility lies in us. In our perception of things. That is the only thing you can change. And with changing that -  e v e r y t h i n g  will actually change. Even the prices of things. This actually a promise.

Big love,


May 12, 2018

Follow your fears.

I have wanted to write a book for years and years now. I've absolutely adored writing ever since I learnt how to. Loved how placing the words a certain way, sentences after each other, how playing with synonyms and meanings - all become like a work of art. A picture. Many pictures in fact. It's just a world of its own. And I actually believed, like really believed, I was good at it, until I was about 13 or 14 and our new teacher told us, we shouldn't think too much of ourselves. Annika, I think her name was. A person whose main goal seemed to be to tear us down from dreaming/being "naive", and into "reality". I remember, how slowly, but very surely, her classes and the way she gave feedback, suffocated my flame and my love for writing, and killed my belief in my skill.

So writing a book is a place of big insecurities for me. Filled with fear of not being good enough. Of what do I have to offer that is so special. But it's my dream. It's something I want to do. Something I would do, if anything and everything was possible. And that's exactly why I am going to do it: Because the only thing keeping me from going there is fear (disguised as "reason", I may add). And this amount of fear, all this "reason", is the reason I know I need to do this. That I am meant to do this. Otherwise, I simply would not care. Otherwise, I simply would not fear. It's what we love the most that we fear the most. So follow your fears, and you'll know exactly where your dreams are.

Love love live,