October 17, 2018

How to be what this world REALLY needs

These are things I feel are so important we recognise; about how we can change the energy of being frustrated or feel hopeless for not (yet) getting the recognition in life we feel we’d so want, need or deserve.

When we face these feelings, when we feel like giving up because things just aren’t going anywhere - THAT is when we have a true chance to find, and truly connect with, our TRUE value. And our value is our HEART.

If we don’t face challenges, if we get what and where we want “too easily”, we tend to SO (so so so) easily become consumed by our ego. Our ego is the part of us that does not like challenge. That does not like things not going our way. That does not want to be questioned. Our ego wants fame and fortune, and it wants it now. Our ego is also VERY easily flattered (and this is true for all of us) - and when flattered, quite quick to inflate. And when our ego gets flattered, when our ego gets stroked and grows big, we so very easily lose our way. What we do, who we are, becomes motivated by our ego, instead of rooted in our heart.

And how we root ourselves in our heart, is through challenges. Through test of faith. Through trying times. Because these are the times that only passion and dedication COMING FROM THE HEART, will get us through. These are the times when we have the chance to establish a TRUE bond to the motivation of what we do. A bond we will not forget or lose as easily when the flattering times finally come. And THIS is how we become what the world truly needs.

We live in a world dominated by ego; a world now at the brink of ruin. Because ego wants others to fall, in order to rise itself. But the heart knows so much better. The heart knows that the more we give, the more there is. The heart inspires, the heart supports, the heart takes care of each other - ALL of each other. Not only the ones who will get us somewhere. 

So if you’re aching to give up, knowing that you simply can’t - it’s because you know the world needs what your heart has to offer. So please, keep at it. You are SO important, and you are NOT alone.

Love love love,