October 06, 2017

Am I annoying you?

I was looking at the view over the city one evening. Moon hanging low, lights in windows, cars passing by. And (once again) it hit me: how completely lost we all are. How we keep busy like ants, going from here to there to here and then there again and then up and then down and omg if we even find the time to sleep in between. We're so fake. We fill our lives with stuff that we force importance onto. Brands, projects, image, our busybusybusyness... And yet, we are so clueless. The truth is, that we are so unbelievably selfish. Rootless even. Because we never stop to think why we are here, what we could do to make our lives actually matter. Because we simply don't want to know. We simply don't want to take responsibility. It's too much work. We like our fake lives. Our safe fake lives. Where we do everything according to the mold and trend of today. We're too safe and too comfortable in doing what everyone else is doing. Asking ourselves why we actually are here, what we actually could and should be doing - it's just too uncomfortable. And what would people think if I started asking myself those questions? That I'm some sort of hippie? It's much nicer (read easier) to want and to have all the "right" products, the "right" brands, the "right" clothes, "right" friends, "right" lifestyle and to put all of our focus on that; the life filled with noise and (hu)man made things, but no actual value. No actual good. No actual purpose.

I asked my Instagram followers today, if they have ever asked themselves why they are here. And do you know what my thought was? "I hope it's not too annoying that I ask a question like that." Silly, but true. Because I know many will find it annoying. But I think a question like that will only be annoying because what it actually does, is hit a nerve.

One should never be ashamed of working on making oneself a better, responsible human being. I ask myself every day why I am here. And so should you.